Photographing Libeskind’s Bord Gáis Energy Theatre



– Architekt Daniel Libeskind AG, Zurich, with Studio Daniel Libeskind


– John Sisk & Son Ltd., Dublin


Dublin Docklands, Ireland


Riccardo Budini


Contemporary Architecture



Dec. 2018

Daniel Libeskind is one my favorite architects and taking photographs of his works is always a privilege for me. Approaching his architecture is definitely a demanding task that requires its time. In the first instance the rectangular frame of the camera feels so inadequate to enclose and represent the deconstructed space everywhere around me. Every line starts to re-align and fall into place only once I  elaborate and assimilate the apparent overwhelming geometric chaos that dominates the scene. Things start to make sense in my camera finder and then it’s when I finally start to work.

I chose 10:8 format for these photographs, which is my preferred one for this kind of prime architectural work.

The Grand Canal Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, formerly the Grand Canal Theatre,  is a performing arts venue and a prominent deconstructivist architecture that creates a strong focus for its urban context. Facing the Grand Canal Square (designed by Martha Schwartz Associates) and the waterfront of Grand Canal Harbour , the building is placed at the core of the Dublin Docklands, an area that  has, over recent years, been regenerated as an extension of the modern business hub of Dublin’s International Financial Services Centre. The area has hundreds leading international enterprises with new companies moving in every month and new buildings currently in construction.

The theatre is flanked on the street side by two office buildings also designed by Libeskind, to ensure the scheme was integrated.

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