Photography for adidas key visual


adidas s.p.a.


Media Agency: Matitegiovanotte

Property licensor: EUR s.p.a.


Rome, Italy. EUR district


Riccardo Budini


Architecture / Advertising


Mar. 2016


ROMA. RUN GREATNESS – Photography for Adidas key visual of 42th Roma-Ostia half Marathon and for the design of adidas stores in Rome.

The client adidas Italia, needed photography for the key visual of the sport event 42th RomaOstia half Marathon. Imaging for the design of adidas stores in Rome was also required.

Photography by Riccardo Budini at Looma has been choosen to represent the unique architecture of the building “Il Fungo”, as the main subject of the graphic design. Designed for the 1960 Rome Olympic Games (Architects R.Colosimo, A.Martinelli, S.Varisco), the iconic structure is a tower water reservoir with a restaurant on its top.

The cool arstists at the design and communication firm Matitegiovanotte adapted the image to adidas international format and eventually designed the layout of the key visual for the Italian competition.

Il Fungo Restaurant, a former water tower converted into a restaurant, Rome, Italy

The original frame of the architecture used for adidas key visual. Photo: Riccardo Budini / Looma



Some of the applications of the key visual for adidas’ sport events. Images courtesy of Matitegionotte